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Future Doctors at STEM Academy

Future Doctors at STEM Academy

Picture are of students attending the  Target Medicine mentoring scheme with UCL university and hosted by Tom Hogg. Over thirty aspiring medical students from...

Raspberry Pi Lessons

Raspberry Pi Lessons

  Students beginning to learn how to use their Raspberry Pis at STEM Academy. All STEM Academy students are receiving a free Raspberry Pi minicomputer and learning...


Academic; Vocational; Preparation for University, for the World of Work and for Entrepreneurship; Extra-Curricula Activities; Enrichment ; Development of Character; Life Skills

STEM Academy:

 “STEM” is an acronym for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics”

  • Welcomes applications from young men and women from Hackney and the wider London area who will be 16-18 years of age in September 2013 – successful applicants will be the founding students for the brand new STEM Academy;
  • Welcomes parents, carers and extended families to STEM Academy, and offers encouragement and support to facilitate their ability to become involved with the learning and development of STEM Academy’s students;
  •  Welcomes members of the local community to encourage their active participation in the Academy’s life and development.

STEM Academy aims to use the power of science, engineering and technology to stimulate its students and lead to high achieving outcomes for all. STEM Academy will cater for students who aspire to a career in a STEM industry as well as students who are just interested in the principles of science, engineering, technology &/or mathematics as a pathway to future development and success.

The transferable skills of science, engineering, technology and mathematics are well known and can be applied to almost all areas of work and life including careers in engineering, science, medicine, teaching, construction, technology,

creative & digital arts, transport & logistics, hospitality, accountancy, business services, sport & leisure, finance, entertainment/gaming and many others.

The National STEM Centre reports that STEM graduates have the potential to earn amongst the highest salaries of all new recruits and have the greatest potential for job growth in the future.

Alongside the need for a skilled STEM workforce, the National STEM Centre also emphasises that it is crucial for all young people, regardless of their future career pathway, to have solid STEM knowledge and skills if they are to be informed citizens in an increasingly scientific and technological society.


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